A platform to search, find and rescue missing people and pets all around the world!

Assisting in the intensive and complete search of missing people and pets through the blockchain technology


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With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

About Milkbox

Project Milkbox delights in every global effort to find missing children, family members, and loved ones. As human beings that care for the welfare of all people around the globe, we have always felt that our efforts can never be enough.

Milkbox is being developed to reach everybody everywhere, so here, nobody is excluded. Our goal is not only to spread messages of disappearances, but to help in the search, to provide support to families and friends and to create prevention programs for the community, among many other things, which with the help of you we hope to achieve.

What are our goals?

-Assist in the intensive and complete search of missing people and pets through the technology of the blockchain

-Rescue missing people and pets in situations of risk by coordinating through various tools with a global community

-Provide emotional and economic support to missing persons with post-traumatic stress disorders and other conditions through the platform

-Create a global search and rescue network that works efficiently, safely and quickly.

What makes us unique?

Interactive tracking system

Having access to an internet connection, from anywhere in the world, users of the Milkbox platform can initiate, monitor, contribute and conclude cases of disappearance.

Global Help Network

The contributions of the members of the Milkbox Community, may be as varied as their abilities, have the willingness to help and the means to do so, is enough to participate!

Community Approach

Being one of the key points of the Milkbox system, this approach allows the members of the communities to ensure the safety of their own and, at the same time, make contributions to many other communities in the rest of the world.

Financing Alternatives

In order to make a broad contribution to improve the safety of families and provide the greatest possible assistance to victims and their loved ones, the Milkbox platform will have “Colects” as part of its modalities, through which, the users will be able to contribute economically in the means of help.

How will Milkbox work?

Search system

If you have the suspicion or certainty that one of your loved ones is missing and at risk, you can use the search system on the Milkbox platform. By filling out a report and setting up a bounty, you will give useful information to start a trace. The search can be directed to family, friends or pets.

Connection with the Global network

Once the report is approved and published, the information can reach all members of the Milkbox Community and, consequently, the entire world. The message will also be disseminated through the social networks associated with the project, allowing that in the shortest time possible, the largest number of people have information about what happened and increasing the chances of finding who has disappeared.

Interaction with the Milkbox Community

With the report of a disappearance in the Milkbox platform, the interaction begins. Those interested in supporting the search can provide clues, relevant information, ground support, emotional help for the family or close friends, among other services. This phase is the key for Milkbox to work properly.

Found report

Whether by following a series of clues, forming search teams, providing the key clue for the search or even by will, when finding a person or pet, the user can report it through the Milkbox platform, once it’s confirmed the information legitimacy, the victim will be able to meet with his loved ones and whoever makes the report of found, will receive the bounty previously imposed.

Collection System

In cases where the victim is found in precarious physical or emotional health conditions and their relatives don’t have the economic possibilities to provide the necessary care, the platform also offers the collection method, in which, by presenting verifiable information on the damage to be attended and the cost of such assistance, the community can join in the help of said persons. This modality will also allow to collect or complete a previously established reward, when a person initiates a search but doesn’t have the necessary resources to offer a substantial reward.

Token Distribution



Number of tokens for sale

800,000 MILK (90%)


Until the 800,000 MILK are distributed

Tokens exchange rate


Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

0,1 ETH / 0,001 BTC / 0,1 LTC / No Limits on BTS

Why Invest In Milk?


You will have the opportunity to
receive low investment MILKs and
see their value increase as their use
rises in the Project Milkbox

Get Involved

With the obtaining of MILKs
you can participate
actively in the community,
the more you have,
the more people you can help
from the comfort of your home and
help us offer support and rehabilitation
to victims and families.


You can also help the formation
and development of projects and
initiatives of people with
the desire to make the world
a better place


This is of course the main motivation,
by donating to the Milkbox project
you will be helping to create our own platform
that will support many communities around
the world, especially the family nuclei,
our goal is to keep loved ones
safe and together

Our Team

Justin Fondriest
Bitshares Cofounder / Strategic Advisor
Mery Farias
Media Team
Vanessa Parejo
Enrique Monsalve
CTO & Senior Developer
Adriana Urbáez
Geoff Stadnyk
Ramses Garate
Junior Developer

Frequently asked questions

Milk Token - is the main and official currency of the Project Milkbox and the future currency of the Milkbox platform (in its own blockchain).

You can use BTC, BitShares, Ethereum and Litecoin. More coins will be added as the distribution progresses.

You can participate through the decentralized exchange of BitShares, which offers a secure and reliable exchange through its interface. We also are providing ETH, LTC, BTS and BTC address for your convenience.

You will have a stake in the future Milkbox platform and the confidence of having invested in a humanitarian project that seeks to make the world a safer place.

How will we distribute the MILK?

A determined number of tokens will be established per day and they will be distributed in consecutive periods of 23 hours. The following formula will be followed for the correct and equivalent distribution.

N = a * (b / c)

N: Number of MILK distributed to an authorized buyer

a: Number of tokens (from our accepted list) contributed by an authorized buyer in the period

b: Total number of MILK available for distribution in the period

c: Total tokens contributed by all buyers in the period


To obtain MILKs, send more than the minimum required from our list of accepted currencies to our official addresses. We will use the formula described above to distribute the MILK’s equally and equitably.

0,1 ETH / 0,001 BTC / 0,1 LTC / No Limits on BTS


Our official deposit addresses


Bitshares account (accepting open.ETH, open.BTC, Litecoin and BTS): milkbox-pool1 < NEW ADDRESS

Ethereum Milkbox official address0x23144216bbe832360c76a6c44dc700226c102b00

Bitcoin Milkbox official address1KKk3Yxr5cpHd4qiwByAH1yjL6ME3b3Vmy

Litecoin Milkbox official addressLQS2MbwYJyacCsERsVevvCem4wzZ5a2bEr

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